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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Homecoming Flash Back

Homecoming Flash Back
by Martha Brown
Assistant Editor, Flyer Flash


Throughout the years, Homecoming has become a tradition that has been modified time and time again.
With ideas filtering through every new year, the activities and dance always seem to spark Dixie High with immense amounts of School Spirit.

The history of Homecoming traces Dixie’s annual tradition back to 1964.

Originally, the week would start off with the Royalty Assembly, which consisted of the royal crowning of the king and queen, bestowing of the royal flowers and even a coronation kiss! 

Powder Puff would eventually then proceed but instead of juniors against seniors, like it is done now, it was seniors against faculty.

The Homecoming Parade would also be a huge part of the week. Each grade created a float to compete against opposing grades, and sometimes even clubs did too. “We would buy table napkins and stuff them in chicken wire to build the floats,” Ms. Varley, former alumni and present Dixie High English teacher, commented.

Awards would be given and bragging rights would be earned after the parade, making it one of the biggest events of the year!

With Homecoming recently ending, consideration of all the great traditions and history that has occurred here at Dixie should be reflected upon.

From pep rallies and bonfires on the Sugar Loaf, swivel chair races from homeroom to homeroom, V.W. drag races, inspirational movies on the football field and even car bashes! 

Let Dixie continue to create great traditions and make more memorable histories here!

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