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Saturday, October 22, 2011

'The Ride of Our Lives'

Students attend the Sadie Hawkins Dance at Dixie High on October 22, 2011 in the Breezeway. The dance was sponsored by the FCCLA Club.
Photo Credit: Sydney Jenkins, Yearbook Staff

"The Ride of Our Lives"
by Brandy Kraiprai
Flyer Flash, Staff Writer

ST. GEORGE - High School students are young, naive, stay up late, and most of all they are full of energy; they need a release. Where else would they rather put that energy besides Sadies?

Sadies, The Ride of our Lives, was a theme that pulled people into it with all of it’s attractions. Music filled the Dixie Plaza while people danced, took photo booth pictures, visited the kissing booth, and much more.

Student’s day dates were fun no matter what they did including going to the movies, roller skating, bowling in Mesquite, hiking, skim boarding, or doing a scavenger hunt. “It was fun! Only ‘cause of the people we had in our group,” Shaylee Niel, a junior, said. No matter what they did for their day dates, they never would’ve known what was waiting for them at the dance.

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