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Monday, February 27, 2012

From Print to Internet

From Print to Internet
by Sara Jewkes
Staff Writer, The Dixie Blog


Has anyone noticed the change in the world lately? Almost everything is on the internet instead of paper. The Flyer Flash is a good example of this change going on in the school.

When did the Flyer Flash start and why the change in format? “The Flyer Flash started when the high school and the college separated,” mentioned junior, Shaun Smith.

Every month the Flyer Flash staff writes their own articles and the editors edit them and then it's time to format the paper and send it around the school for students to read. Shaun Smith said with grief that “formatting the paper is so much harder that formatting The Dixie Blog because you have to make your own format to where the blog gives you more freedom and space.”

Why the change to go online? Mr. Christensen said “because it will cost less, it will be up-to-date, and we live in an electronic age so we are bringing the Flyer Flash up to the next century.”

If it's a different format does that mean the Flyer Flash and the blog will have different articles? Christensen said “the articles will continue on the blog.”

The idea for the blog started in August of 2010 for the centennial year and was a way to communicate with Dixie alumni and the community. To get on the blog you just go on the school website and scroll down and there is a picture of Freddy the Flyer. Click on it and there you go, you’re on the blog.

The blog is going to be so different from the traditional print paper. There will be many ways to get the paper on the blog instead of waiting for the Flyer Flash every month. Mr. Christensen listed a few ways of getting the articles you want on the computer. “There are two options, URL or there will be a barcode on the blog and you can scan it with your smart phone.”

Along with so many other things going on at Dixie High School the Flyer Flash is one of the things changing every year. The Dixie Blog is helping make that change.  

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