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Monday, March 12, 2012

A Night with The Drowsy Chaperone

A Night with The Drowsy Chaperone
by Kestra White
Staff Writer, The Dixie Blog


"Take me to the cat in pajamas!" said the character Adolfo played by Nate Myers. Every time that character came on stage and said that line, I couldn't stop laughing especially when he said "Whaat?"
The cast did a terrific job at portraying each of the characters. Tanner Hafen, who played the man in the chair, gave of each individual character, with silly side comments here and there that really made the audience laugh hysterically.
Also, there were two gangsters pretending to be cooks played by Michael Graf and Austin Hodges. These two characters had crazy ways to use the types of food into their lines like when Michael's character says, "I hope we are éclair," after he said that, it made me laugh.
The drowsy chaperone was played by Janae Klumpp and she was very convincing trying to portray a character that drinks a lot.

Jordan Christensen played a character named Bob Martin and my favorite line from him was, "I am! I'm your little monkey!"  because it was really funny how he said that.
Gabe Garcia played a producer who didn't want to lose his leading lady, he did a great job at this character and the part I enjoyed the most was when he all by himself and he goes over where Tanner Hafen is sitting says a few things then says, "Why!?" very loud and dramatically.
Elizabeth Adams played the hostess and that character was equally funny as Adolfo was. I laughed every time she said, "There is going to be a wedding?" not knowing that there is one that is supposed to go on.
Garrison Ganowsky played the underling. I felt bad for him when Elizabeth's character had to spit on him a couple of times, but I was surprised he was able to keep a straight face one that whole time he was being spat upon. Janet was played by Malory Brown, and I believe she seemed to fit that character very well and she also did a very good job too.
One of my favorite parts of the show was went the chaperone and Adolfo announce that they are getting married to Janet and Adolfo whispers to Janet, "Help me."
The show was amazing and if I could I would go see more and more because of how fantastic it was and I mean fantastic.

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