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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Girls' Week 2012

Girls' Week 2012
by Kestra White
Staff Writer, The Dixie Blog


Although most girls would agree that every week is girls girls week, January 23rd through the 27th was set aside to make this fact public. There were a lot of activities that went on that week. 

On Monday the girls got Sugar Daddies and the schedules were handed out; Tuesday was Singled Out in the the small gym; Wednesday was Zumba Sweat and Pizza Factory bread sticks and salads during lunch in the small gym. On Thursday there was a braiding bar at lunch put on by one of the local hair schools. Friday was speed dating during lunch; and finally Saturday was the preference dance which was held in the small gym.

"My favorite activity was Zumba for sure! It was my favorite not only because Zumba is super fun, but because we had a HUGE turnout. That alone made the whole activity! Our instructor Kerry Langston was a blast also, she was so crazy and fun! In my opinion all of girls week was a success," said Emma Pasley after being asked what her favorite activity for girls week was. 

The same question was asked to Abby Christensen and this is what she said, "Um... I loved the braiding bar because you were able to play with people's hair and mingle with your girlfriends. Also because it was super fun just to mess around!" 

Then finally Junior, Briell Stuart replied to this question by saying, "The free caramel things."

And that is what happened during Girls Week.

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