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Monday, October 15, 2012

Plans for Fall Break

Plans for Fall Break
by Zachary Christiansen
Reporter, Flyer Flash


Fall break is upon us and many students are getting out of St George. For some people fall break means staying at home and doing nothing. For teachers fall break is:

“Getting ready for my wedding,” said Ms. Julianne Gifford.

“Vegas, baby!”said Mr. Craig Milligan

“Absolutely nothing,” Mrs. Launa Williams,

Mrs. Sophia Ford, counseling secretary, said “We can’t afford to go anywhere with the price of gas at $4.00 a gallon.”

Some students at Dixie High are even going out of the United States for fall break, “I'm going on a cruise to Mexico for 4 days. On our cruise we are going to Catalina Island then to Ensenada,” said Ian Anderson, senior.

“I’m going on a cruise to Hawaii, Samoa and Tahiti,” added Sophia Tagliarino, senior.

For most students, home is their vacation. “Hang out with my girlfriend and work on recording and E.P.,” Shiloh Martinez said, senior, when asked what he was doing for fall break.

For other students, fall break is an escape to nature. “Probably going camping,” said Hanna Perkins.

Why do we have fall break? “We used to have UEA, where teachers go to Salt Lake and have meetings. Now the teachers don’t usually go, so we still keep the break every year.” said Mrs Lewis, Dixie High’s counselor. Fall break is also a transition between 1st and 2nd quarter.

Here are some ideas for those with nothing to do over the break: There’s Fiesta Fun Center, Laser Mania, St. George Recreation Center, Washington City Recreation Center, Skate Park/ Bike Park, ATV, Horseback, Hiking, Sporting Events, Movies, Fishing, Camping and the list goes on and on.

Even if it’s just staying at home and enjoying the extra two days to sleep in, fall break is an excuse to step back from classes and regroup before returning to school.

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