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Friday, November 2, 2012

Dixie Breezes Past North Sanpete

Dixie Breezes Past North Sanpete
by Arthur Anderson
Reporter, Flyer Flash


Dixie was able to pull off their first playoff win in two years, against North Sanpete and in blowout fashion as they trounced over the unsuspecting Hawks.

The Flyers seemed to have a hard time making into the endzone in the first quarter as Blake Barney and the explosive Dixie offense had several drives that ended down close to the Hawks twenty or thirty yard line.

Dixie Football will be facing Stansbury tonight in the
second round of the State Playoffs.
Photo by Kirra Wilkinson, Flyer Flash
However that soon changed as the Flyers made their way into the endzone for the first time early in the second quarter as Blake Barney drove the Flyer Offense down the field ending in a 5 yard touchdown run by the #1 Ranked Quarterback in region 9. Though this score was a good momentum builder for the Flyers, the real explosion came when Andy Appel caught a pass from Barney for a 44 yard catch and run, just coming a yard short of the endzone.
This gave the Flyers the momentum they needed to pull off the rest of their 35-6 rout of the North Sanpete Hawks.

Mitch Wilkinson was incredibly tough throughout the game, both in the receiving game and the return game bringing two kicks past the 40 yard line and scoring a 10 yard touchdown through the air.

The Flyer Defense was incredibly solid throughout the game, a huge step up from their last game against Snow Canyon, the Flyer Defense held the Hawks to less than thirty rushing yards in the first half.

Tyson Graff already leading the team with 105 tackles throughout the season, added 17 more to the tally, it seemed as though the Hawks weren’t at all accounting for him.

Last year the Flyers faced off against Juan Diego High
in the State Playoffs.
Photo by Lauren Christensen, The Dixie Blog
Dustin Moorehouse came out of the game with 2 sacks from the Defensive Tackle position, the Dixie Defensive line did a good job all night long both stopping the run and pressuring the quarterback on passing plays.

Lukas Hildebrandt also was able to beat the Hawks deep with a 39 yard touchdown pass from Blake Barney, “Thats how we do it!” exclaimed Hildebrandt after scoring his first touchdown since late in the regular season against Cedar.

Dixie played very well despite their slow start early in the game and will advance to the 2nd round of playoff. “Good game, but we’re going to keep working hard and get ready for next week.” Said Head Coach Blaine Monkres after the Flyers victory.

Dixie will be facing off against #3 ranked Stansbury in the 2nd round of playoffs today.

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