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Sunday, April 1, 2012

April Fool's

April Fool's
by Heidi Harris
Staff Writer, The Dixie Blog


April Fool's Day is a holiday that many countries celebrate all around the world. It isn’t a national holiday but many countries still celebrate by playing all kinds of jokes to everyone around them.

Some countries only allow jokes until noon; but if done after noon, people are called an “April Fool” and are taunted.

Then there are places such as the US who do the jokes all day long.

April is coming soon, and some people are planning on who and what they are planning for their pranks this year but there are all kinds of ways to play jokes on someone.

Mallorie Jewkes, a junior, says that she has never been April fooled but she has April fooled people herself with some of the old classics such as, “Toothpaste in Oreos!”

Then there are others such as the low-key kind of jokes that are played.

Chelsea Martinez, a senior, shared a time her parents played a joke on her. “In seventh grade I fell asleep and woke up at eleven but my parents changed the clocks and pretended it was time to go to school.”

Martinez also played a joke on her brother by taking his shirts and cutting the bottoms off then he decided to play a joke back on her she says, “He put Cheese Whiz in my hand and tickled my face while I was sleeping.”

April Fool's Day isn’t for everyone, some people like it more one way than the other and then there are some who don’t like April Fools at all.

“Its a fun holiday,” Jewkes said. “But I believe its been lost in time, not a lot of people pull pranks anymore.” But on the other hand, Martinez says that it's a great holiday but one that isn’t all crazy, “I like it but keep it light. Don’t get too into it.”

April Fool's is fun holiday to have some fun and play jokes on others who don’t complain or don’t mind being pranked.

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