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Friday, April 6, 2012

A Week Only for Juniors

A Week Only for Juniors
by Kestra White
Staff Writer, The Dixie Blog


What I enjoyed and actually participated in during Junior Week was the Junior Prom Royalty on Friday. I enjoyed it because I didn’t have to worry about voting for Junior Prom Royalty and I thought that it was pretty neat when they announced the last nominees for Junior prom royalty.

The reason why I enjoyed that part was because they were came down the left aisle the whole audience cheered and I thought to myself, Carl and Cydnee must be two of the popular kids in their Junior class because every one of those Juniors that were there cheered loudly at the assembly, so loud that you could barely here what the announcers were saying.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the Assembly was when Michael Graf sang the theme song for this years Junior prom, I thought he did a great job. On Monday it was Junior Mint day and I thought it was pretty ironic on how they were able to find a box of Junior Mints and hand it out to all the Juniors. I did not enjoy how the Juniors got to go to Iceberg and the rest didn’t.

Getting out early is pretty reasonable but letting them go to Iceburg that is a little unfair. Sometimes I wish they could of included everyone in the activities instead of just the juniors even though not very many of them participated in activities like pajama day. I didn’t see very many juniors wearing pajamas; either they forgot or they just didn't want to wear any PJ's that day. Other than that, I thought that week went pretty good but next time they should include everyone in on the activities and not just the Juniors.

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